Rajkot District Map

Rajkot District Court Complex

In the Old State time there was Government of Bombay. Before formation of the Gujarat State there was Madhya Saurashtra Judicial District and Rajkot was included therein. There was Main Sessions Division of Madhya Saurashtra Judicial District, having places of sitting at Rajkot, Morvi and Gondal as per notification of Home Department, Sachivalaya, Bombay dated 23.03.1959. There were Courts of District & Sessions Court, Rajkot, Civil Judge, Senior Division at Rajkot, Gondal and Morvi, Civil Judge, Junior Division, Jetpur, Dhoraji, Upleta, Wankaner, as per Home Department Resolution No.SRO.1059/5329-III, dated 01.05.1959 of the Government of Bombay. Thereafter, Rajkot District in the new State of Gujarat was formed. At present in Rajkot District following courts (15 Appellate + 60 Subordinate = 75 Courts) are functioning and presided over by the Judicial Officers in Rajkot District.