Rampur Judgeship


The District Rampur is located between Longitude 78-0-54 & 69-0-28 East and Latitude 28-25 & 29-10 North. It is surrounded by District Udham Singh Nagar in North, Bareilly in East, Moradabad in West and Badaun in South. The height from sea level is 192 Meter in north and 166.4 m in South. Situated on the national highway 24, the state capital is 302 km in East and national capital is 185 km in West. It is well connected by Railways & Roadways. The nearest airport is located in Lucknow.At present it covers an area of 2,367sq.km falls in Moradabad Division of U.P.(India). It had a population of 23,35,398 in 2011

The Rampur District was an independent state before independence of indiaThe state of Rampur was founded by Nawab 'Ali Muhammad Khan, the adopted son and successor of Sardar Daud Khan, chief of the Rohillas in Northern India. He received the territory known as Kather from Emperor Muhammad Shah in 1737, but then lost virtually everything in a contest with the Nawab Wazir of Oudh in 1746. Two years later, he assisted Ahmad Shah Durrani in his invasion of India and thus recovered all his former possessions in reward. At his death, he divided his territories equally amongst his many sons. Faizu'llah Khan, the second son, receiving those around Rampur and Chachait. He was confirmed in his possessions by a treaty with Oudh, which was guaranteed by the HEIC, 7th October 1774. Thereafter, the Rohilla chiefs and their troublesome followers were encouraged to settle peaceably within the borders of the new state. and it was known as Rampur state. The nawab of Rampur was the prince of the Rampur state and administration of Rampur was in his hands.

Rampur acceded to the Dominion of India in 1947, and merged with the United Provinces in 1950. The District Court Rampur has been established on 1.12.1949. The District Court Rampur is under judicature of Hon'ble High Court at Allahabad. Sri R. K. Chaudhary has been taken charge as first District Judge of Rampur & he worked as District Judge in this Judgeship till 5.9.1950. In the beginning there were only three court in this judgeship namely the Court of District Judge, the Court of Civil and Session Judge & the Court of Munsiff. Now there are 21 courts in this Judgeship. Including the Court of District Judge. 35th District Judge has been appointed in this Judgeship till today and worked as such.