District Court Ratlam............
जिला एवं सत्र न्यायालय, रतलाम
जिला एवं सत्र न्यायालय, रतलाम
Tahsil Court Jaora
Tahsil Court Jaora
Tahsil Court Jaora


श्री मुक्तेश्वर हनुमान मंदिर जिला न्यायालय रतलाम


History Of Ratlam............

The State of Ratlam has been an independent state since independence. The District and Sessions Court has been working continuously since the year 1920. For the supervisor, the 12 states of the Malwa region had got a high court which used to rotate and listen to all the places. The judge of the said court was called a "puny judge". Those whose seats were in Darbar Hall, but the cases were heard in the Moti Mahal. Here, one of the chief judges of the High Court of that time, Mr. Ratan Lal is remembered, who was from the state of Dhar.

The rules were made separately for the hearing of criminal conspiracy and other cases at that time, of which there is a book named "Ain Civil". In this book various rules have been written for the hearing of the above cases, on which the cases were heard.

At the time of the princely state, the building of the District Court was used in the building of "Shrimali Vas", which was in the form of a small corridor. After that the building was used as a government school. At present, the said building has fallen completely and the new building is standing in its place.

After independence, the twelve-member Advocates Association for the land of the new building of the court had fought a long struggle. On February 13, 1956, the foundation building of Ratlam was constructed by the then Central India and Central Minister of India Shri VV Dravid. After completion of construction work, on October 2, 1960, the inauguration of the new building of District Court, Ratlam, Hon'ble Mr. P.V. Dikshit, Chief Justice, High Court Madhya Pradesh and Hon. Dr. Kailashnath Katju was completed in the presence of the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. The said information related to the shilanyas and the inauguration is engraved on stone which is still engaged in District Court Building Ratlam. According to Memorandum of Honorable High Court Madhya Pradesh, a court building which is 60 years old or older and in which the courts are functioning, it can be called Heritage Court Building. Thus Ratlam district court falls under the category of Heritage Court Building.

The court building is made up of the shape of the letter "L" of English. Initially only three three court rooms were built on the first and second floors, but in the year 1970, this building has been expanded extensively.

Initially, the jurisdiction of Jhabua, Mandsaur and Neemuch of Jhabua, Mandsaur and Neemuch were included in the jurisdiction of the District Court of Ratlam, but later, after Jhabua first, Mandsaur and then Neemuch had been granted recognition of separate judicial district. At present, the court is working in Tehsil Courts Jaora, Alot and Sailana in the District Court of Ratlam. The records of cases heard in the Archives of District Court, Ratlam were also available in the year 1932-33 by the Sub Judge Court.

A public interest litigation was filed in the local court against the then city corporation against the demand of fundamental infrastructure of Ratlam citizens for the struggles of Ratlam, famous lawyer and social activist, Vardeet Palwal. In fact, in resolving the problem of Shastri Nagar, Ratlam's Nullah, the Corporation had expressed its inability to say that there is no fund. Porwal fought a legal battle against it and went to the Supreme Court for the final verdict. In 1980, important decisions came in favor of the citizens of Ratlam. It was found in the petition filed by Vardechand Porwal against Ratlam Municipal Corporation of that time that the city was being built in the year of cooperation with the help of municipalities, but they are not able to provide basic public facilities in their areas or such Is not making the necessary effort towards doing. Keeping in view the matter of Ratlam, then all the urban bodies of the country are bound to accept the three important principles which the Supreme Court had set. This first decision of the nation's victory for the rights of Ratlam was very much discussed in the whole nation. ; Dippuppen's children's favorite TENNING TENNIS.Act 1980 Bk1622

Presently, on the establishment of Ratlam District, Hon'ble District and Sessions Judge Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta, Special Judge (Atrocities) Shri D.S. Chouhan, besides four Additional District and Sessions Judges Shri Yogendra Kumar Tyagi, Shri Santosh Kumar Gupta, Shri Arun Kharadi ,Shri Shailesh Bharti Bhadkariya, Shri Lakshman Verma, Shri Afjal KhanShri Nilesh Kumar Jireti Chief Judicial Magistrate, Shri Kapil Verma, District Registrar Shri Anjay Singh, Special Railway Magistrate Shri Vijay Chouhan.

History Of Sailana............

In 1992, the first part of the Sailana Nagar Moti Mahal was established in a part of Sailana's Link Court. After that, a permanent court started in the present court building Sailana in 1994.