Sl No Name of Judicial Officer Designation Place of Posting JO CODE Details
1. Sri Rajendra Pratap Singh District & Sessions Judge (POTA) Rohtas at Sasaram BR00144


2. Sri Quamrul Hoda Principal Judge, Family Court Rohtas at Sasaram BR00197


3. Sri Gopal Jee Additional District & Sessions Judge-I, (SC/ST POA, Drugs & Cosmetics, Human Rights, Rape Cases) Sasaram, Rohtas BR00333 View
4. Sri Anant Singh Additional District & Sessions Judge-II, (Excise Act Cases) Sasaram, Rohtas BR01172 View
5. Sri Bharat Bhushan Bhasin Additional District & Sessions Judge-III, (M.P., M.L.A) Sasaram, Rohtas BR01184 View
6. Sri Rajesh Kumar Bachchan Additional District & Sessions Judge-X Sasaram, Rohtas BR01194 View
7. Ms. Dhriti Jasleen Sharma Additional District & Sessions Judge-VI, (POCSO cases of Sasaram Division). Sasaram, Rohtas BR01231 View
8. Sri  Niraj Bihari Lal Additional District & Sessions Judge-VII (POCSO Cases of Bikramganj and Dehri On-sone Division) Sasaram, Rohtas BR00373 View
9. Sri Ashutosh Kumar-I Additional District & Sessions Judge-XII Sasaram, Rohtas BR00403 View
10. Sri Parimal Kumar Mohit Additional District & Sessions Judge-XIII Sasaram, Rohtas BR00436 View
11. Sri Ratnesh Kumar Singh Additional District & Sessions Judge-XIV Sasaram, Rohtas BR00456 View
12. Sri Brijendra Kumar Ray Additional District & Sessions Judge-XV Sasaram, Rohtas BR00477 View
13. Sri Abhishek Kumar Bhan Additional District & Sessions Judge-IV Sasaram, Rohtas BR00468 View
14 Sri Sunil Kumar-II Additional District & Sessions Judge-XVI Sasaram, Rohtas BR00494 View
15 Ms. Mausami Singh Additional District & Sessions Judge-XVII Sasaram, Rohtas BR00508 View
16 Sri Punit Malviya Additional District & Sessions Judge-XIX Sasaram, Rohtas BR00535 View
17 Sri Piyush Kumar Srivastava Additional District & Sessions Judge-XX Sasaram, Rohtas BR00546 View
18 Sri Amit Raj Additional District & Sessions Judge-XXI, (Right of person with Disability Act) Sasaram, Rohtas BR00595 View
19 Sri Alok Kumar Pandey-II C.J.M -cum-Sub Judge -cum- 1st Asstt. Sess. Judge Sasaram, Rohtas BR00634 View
20 Sri Anand Viswas Dhar Dubey Sub Judge -cum- ACJM -cum- 2nd Asstt. Sess. Judge, (Commercial Case,  M.P./M.L.A) Sasaram, Rohtas BR00667 View
21 Sri Uma Shankar Secretary, D.L.S.A. Sasaram, Rohtas BR00677 View
22 Sri Chhedi Ram Sub Judge-V -cum- A.C.J.M. Sasaram, Rohtas BR00727 View
23 Sri Raghwendra Narayan Singh Sub Judge-VI -cum- A.C.J.M. Sasaram, Rohtas BR00773 View
24 Ms. Kumari Jyotsna Principal Member, J.J.B. (J.J.Act) Sasaram, Rohtas BR00820 View
25 Sri Vivek Kumar Singh Sub Judge-VIII -cum- A.C.J.M. -cum- Nodal Officer Sasaram, Rohtas BR00829 View
26 Sri Himanshu Pandey A.C.J.M.-II -cum- Sub Judge -X Sasaram, Rohtas BR00851 View
27 Sri Dilip Kumar Roy Munsif-I Sasaram, Rohtas BR00919 View
28 Sri Sachin Kumar Mishra Judicial Magistrate -cum Addl. Munsif Sasaram, Rohtas BR00948 View
29 Ms. Vibha Rani Judicial Magistrate-I Sasaram, Rohtas BR00962 View
30 Ms. Pallavi Maurya Judicial Magistrate-II Sasaram, Rohtas BR01329


31 Ms. Kumari Vijaya Shanti Judicial Magistrate-III Sasaram, Rohtas BR01362 View
32 Ms. Soumya Judicial Magistrate-IV Sasaram, Rohtas BR01440 View
33  Ms. Himshikha Mishra Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Sasaram, Rohtas BRO1762 View
34 Sri Ranjeet Kumar Choudhary Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Sasaram, Rohtas BR01744 View
35 Sri Ravi Shankar Paswan Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Sasaram, Rohtas BR01740 View
01. Sri Manoj Kumar-V Sub Judge -cum- A.C.J.M. Bikramganj, Rohtas BR00722 View
02. Sri Sunil Dutt Sub Judge -cum- A.C.J.M. Bikramganj, Rohtas BR00618 View
03. Sri Lalan Jee Sub Judge -cum- A.C.J.M. Bikramganj, Rohtas BR00850 View
04. Sri Deepak Kumar No-IV Sub Judge -cum- A.C.J.M. Bikramganj, Rohtas BR00920 View
05. Sri Lal Bihari paswan Judicial Magistrate-I Bikramganj, Rohtas BR00933 View
06. Ms. Nisha Kumari Judicial Magistrate- Bikramganj, Rohtas BR01152 View
07. Sri Maheshwar Nath Pandey Judicial Magistrate-II Bikramganj, Rohtas BR01310 View
08. Sri Santosh Kumar Sah Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Bikramganj, Rohtas BR01726 View
09. Sri Aditya Kumar Sharma Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Bikramganj, Rohtas BRO1728 View
10. Sri Sudhir Kumar Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Bikramganj, Rohtas BR01731 View
11. Sri Avinash Chandra Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Bikramganj, Rohtas BR01732 View


01. Ms. Aditi Gupta Munsif Dehri On-Sone, Rohtas BR00897 View
02. Sri Chandan Kumar Verma Judicial Magistrate-I Dehri On-Sone, Rohtas BR01148 View
03 Sri Satyam Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Dehri On-Sone, Rohtas BR01478 View
04 Sri Santosh Kumar Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Dehri On-Sone, Rohtas BR01683 View
05 Randhir Kumar Probationary Civil Judge (JD) Dehri On-Sone, Rohtas BR01716 View