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History of Sahibganj

Situated in the lap of Mother Ganga, Sahibganj owns a very special position regarding its glorious past. The historic Rajmahal hills of Zurassic age lies as the southern boundary of this district. These hills are the abode of one of the rarest tribes of India like Sauria Paharia, Maisa Paharia etc.

The birth place of the immortal freedom fighters Sidho & Kanho, Bhognadih is also situated in this districts. Its sub-divisional headquater Rajmahal has golden history of its own. Its historic relation goes upto Mughal Emperor Akbar and Raja Man Singh. Later on it remained for a long time capital of the undivided Bengal, Bihar and Orissa province. Singhi Dalan, Kanhaiyasthan, Akbari Masjid, Baradwari, Teliyagari and Fossil Park, are some of the historic and tourist places of this district. 

Sahibganj is situated on the Jamalpur Howrah railway loopline, which is said to be the second oldest railway line of india. Bhagalpur, is a famous town of Bihar is 75 Km. west to this district. 

Sahibganj judgeship was inaugurated on the 1st May, 1993. Prior to this it was a sub divisional headquater of Dumka judgeship. The first in incumbent of the office of District & Sessions Judge (now known as Principal District & Sessions Judge) was Md. S.M.I.I.F Alam.

Sahibganj Judgeship at a Glance

  • There are 3 court buildings at Civil Court, Sahibganj. The 1st is a 12 Court Complex. 2nd is the Court of Principal District & Sessions Judge in which Administrative Office, Nazarat, Account Office and Copying Department  are also situated. The 3rd is the erstwhile Fast Track Court Building which presently accommodates Family Court, Permanent Lok Adalat,  D.L.S.A. etc. There is also a 12 Court Complex which accommodates all the Courts at Rajmahal.
  • Civil Court Sahibganj is equipped with the facility of centrailzed filing for filing of new cases at the filing counter since 01.02.2013. 

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