District Court Bhadohi





Hon'ble The Chief Justice

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Govind Mathur

Administrative Judge

Hon’ble Dr. Justice Kaushal Jayendra Thaker

 District & Sessions Judge

Sri Anil Kumar-X


Bhadohi Judgeship was created vide G.O. No. 2010/VII-Nayaya-2-104G/94 dated Sept. 19, 1995. Sessions Division, Bhadohi came in existence on 17.02.1996, the day on which District & Sessions Judge, Bhadohi at Gyanpur, took over charge. Five Courts were sanctioned by the aforesaid G.O. & two more Courts of Additional District & Sessions Judge were sanctioned vide G.O. No. 1328/VII Nyaya-2-98-217/79 dated 03.09.1998 and G.O. No. U. O.-03/VII- Nyaya (Budget)-99-217/79 dated May 05, 1999 respectively.

Before the dawn of Judgeship Bhadohi, Gyanpur was the outlying Court of Varanasi Judgeship where 09 Courts were running.



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