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Administrative Judge

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vikas Kunvar Srivastav
Administrative Judge

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Govind Mathur
Chief Justice, High Court,

District Judge

Sri Anil Kumar-X
District & Sessions Judge

(1). History of Bhadohi Judgeship
Bhadohi Judgeship was created vide G.O. No. 2010/VII-Nayaya-2-104G/94 dated Sept. 19, 1995. Sessions Division, Bhadohi came in existence on 17.02.1996, the day on which District & Sessions Judge, Bhadohi at Gyanpur, took over charge. Five Courts were sanctioned by the aforesaid G.O. & two more Courts of Additional District & Sessions Judge were sanctioned vide G.O. No. 1328/VII Nyaya-2-98-217/79 dated 03.09.1998 and G.O. No. U. O.-03/VII- Nyaya (Budget)-99-217/79 dated May 05, 1999 respectively.
Before the dawn of Judgeship Bhadohi, Gyanpur was the outlying Court of Varanasi Judgeship where 09 Courts were running.
(2). Constitution and Jurisdiction
Sessions Division, Bhadohi at Gyanpur is having Jurisdiction of the entire area of Bhadohi District.

Important: Case Number Record (CNR) is a unique ID number which remains constant and all the concerned parties and advocates are requested to ascertain the CNR Number of their respective cases from the concerned courts and to refer and use the same wherever required.

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