District Sehore merged with the Union of India on June 1, 1950, before which the district Sehore was the Principal of Bhopal Nawab. The district of Sehore was established in two parts, in which Tehsil Huzur was in Bhopal in eastern district and in the western districts there were sehore, Asha, Nasrullaganj, Berasia tehsils. There were two districts of Sehore and Raisen in the state of Bhopal.

Sehore District, which was part of the Bhopal Princely State, before the merger of the Union of India, there was a court of Munshifi Court and Sabzaj in the district headquarters at Sehore. Munshif courts were established at all these places in Tehsil Astha, Nasrallaganj and Berasia of Sehore district. Criminal and civil cases were extremely low in these courts, revenue problems were also resolved from Bhopal Land Revenue. Munsif courts were working on the tehsils. The municipal judges were appointed by the Bhopal judicial commissioner. Appeal of Munsif and Subjudge Courts was held in Bhopal District and Sessions Court. In Bhopal, the appeals of the District and Sessions Court were held here in the Bhopal High Court (Judicial Commissioner). Judicial work was done in Urdu.

Munsifi and Subjudgi courts were working in Sehore until the Bhopal principality was in the Union of India. West District of Sehore District Bhopal was established, in which Bhopal was also included. There were 4 municipal courts in Sehore, Aastha, Nasrullahganj and Berasia in 4 Tehsils of Sehore district and the Subjudgi court (at present equivalent to the current ADJ) at Sehore headquarters, under the control of Bhopal District and Sessions Judge.

Madhya Pradesh was formed on November 1, 1956, after the formation of Madhya Pradesh. There was a change in the judicial system that the Judge of Class-II, Ashta and Nasrullahganj, at the headquarters in Sehore, the Judge of Class-II was employed and Bhopal District and Sessions Court Sehore The district was established, where the appeals of the courts of Sehore district were held in Bhopal District and Sessions Court. A few years later, Civil Judge-1 and ADJ Court Link established in Sehore. Civil Judge -1 used to link Ashta and Sehore for some time and ADJ used to link Sehore to Bhopal.

District and Sessions Court was established on 1978, when six Civil Judges and a CJM were working. The first District and Sessions Judge, Mr. CK Tandon took charge, which was formerly ADJ.

Prior to the transfer of the District and Sessions Court to the new building, the Courts were functioning in the Old Building, which is near the Municipality Council, Seehor's office, the dealing with the municipality office was the Judges of the Judicial and Chief Judicial Magistrate and this old Around the road in front of the building, the court of ADJ and later the District Court of District was established, which is still present.