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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal

     Administrative Judge

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajiv Gupta 

District Judge



 This district was brought under control of Western Board Of Revenue on 26 March 1819 by a Government Gazette after 1813 . This was the begining of  the judicial structure in this district . After this a court was established at Allahabad in the year 1831 and before the year 1856 a Civil and Sessions judge was appointed at Shahjahanpur . Initially District and Sessions judge started sitting in District Badaun  and other munsif judges sat in Sahjehanpur but  later District and Sessions Judge too started holding his court at Shahjahanpur .


Firstly British Government appointed total 31 Civil and Sessions Judges were appointed in Uttar Pradesh . As per the records , mention of District Judge office is found before the year of 1857 .  Munity Naretics District Shahjahanpur mentions about “ kachehari” which was somewhere near church . One clerk of the kachehari Smith was killed by revolutionary during the first war of freedom i.e. 1857 . Gradually office of the District Judge got expansion and the New Building of the Civil Court was inauguarated by then Honourable Inspecting Judge on 6 May 1982 .

Honourables Sri Jagat Narian Sri Vijai Pal Singh and Sri R.P.Dixit were the  District and Sessions Judges in the year 1943 ,1946 and 1949 respectively . Governer Chair of District Judge is still preserved here . 


The Architecture and Physical heritage :-

Civil Court building in Shahjahanpur was constructed in the year 1885. The architect of the this Civil Court Building is bsed on Roman Catholic i.e.Coloniel bungalow with  arch varandahs , high roofs with glass windows for light and tall and thick walls with big doors and high wall ventilators for air and light with aesthetic  carving ,arch and design . The magnificance of the design is underlined with arch porches and wooden works in court rooms . Courts and retiring rooms are very spacious and attached with big ventilated wash rooms with proper vent of water and english style  flushes .The grandeur and magesty of the building is palpable in itself. Now a days , in this building Honourable District Judge  and Additional District Judge ( first ) hold their courts now. 

Others couts room are newly made buildings of modern design and architecture like ten coutrs building and five coutrs fast track court building and apart from this there are separate magistrate courts building too. 12 court Building Presently  there are total forty six sanctioned  judicial couts at district Shahjahanpur out of them thirty courts are running and rest are lying vacant .


For the purpose of  administration of revenue and law & order , this district is divided in Four Tehsils namely Sadar,Tilhar,Jalalabad and Puwayay the juourney of the time need was felt to establish outlying courts to make the justice accessible and approachable to the people living far from the district headquarter viscinity . Three out of four Thesils now has outlying courts . Outlying  court of Tilhar was established earlier 0n 2 Oct 1986 with two couts of Civil Judge (JD) and thenafter outlying court at Tehsil Puwaya was established on 17 July 2002 and recently outlying court at Tehsil Jalalabad has been established on 27 July 2012  with one courts of Civil Judge (JD). These courts are running in the Tehsil Buildings .


Honourable High  Court has proposed for the  construction of new Civil Court Building at  District Headquarter and at Tehsil Jalalabad and Puwaya and process of acquiring land is in progress for the same .


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