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National Lok Adalat  on dated 14/05/2022

History -

Shamli is a historical city and district headquarters in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and a major center of the Sugar and Jaggery in Western Uttar Pradesh, also commonly known as the Upper Doab region. Shamli was declared as a district in September 2011 by then Uttar Pradesh Government, almost 150 years after it was stripped of its administrative importance by the British following its role and prominence in Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Located on the Delhi–Yamnotri 4 lane highway with 98 km from Delhi, 38 km from Panipat, 45 km from Karnal, 65 km from Saharanpur, 60 km from Meerut and 40 km from Muzzafarnagar. Shamli is known for its old sugar mill called Upper Doab Sugar Mill and serves as a market city for the entire District.

Economy -

Blessed with the very fertile soil of upper doab and Eastern Yamuna canal for irrigation, farmers are able to raise bumper production of Sugarcane, Rice, and Wheat. This area was a part of the green revolution that brought a lot of prosperity to the region. Dotted with numerous villages around Shamli especially Bhainswal Village (being considered most prosperous and leading village in Shamli District). In1965, Bhainswal village had the highest numbers of tractors in the country. With Shamli Sugar Mill located in the heart of the city (operational since 1933) at disposal for farmers, the per capita income of Shamli district is among top ten in the entire country. Bajaj Hindustan and Unn Sugar Mill are also located in Shamli District. Being in the Upper Doab region of Uttar Pradesh (Proposed NCR) and bordering with Panipat and Karnal, the dairy and agriculture equipment industry is booming leaps and bounds.

Shamli District has 3 tehsils.

1. Shamli

2. Kairana

3. Unn

Public Notice

Guidelines for functioning/modalities of District Courts/ Tribunals, keeping in view of the increasing cases of COVID-19 (2022)

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19th D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture on 1st April 2022

Online TOT Awareness Programme for Advocate Master Trainers

National Lok Adalat on dated 14-05-2022

Regarding constitution of Helpline/Team to prevent the spread of CORONA Virus (Covid-19)

e-Inaguration of the new website for Judgements & eFiling 3.0 on dated 09 April 2021 ( &

The event of launching SUPACE in Supreme Court of India, on Tuesday, 06th April 2021, 5.00 pm


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ऑनलाइन नये वाद/प्रार्थना पत्र प्रस्तुत करने हेतु तौर-तरीके । कम्प्यूटर/लैपटॉप हेतु JITSI Meet लिंक
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Judicial Magistrate Shamli Click here shm.jms
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(JITSI meet हेतु वेबकैमरा, स्पीकर, माइक्रोफोन और उच्च गति का इण्टरनेट कनेक्शन आवश्यक है ।


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