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District Court Sheikhpura

About Sheikhpura Judgeship


SL Name of the District & Sessions Judge On Leave/Out of Station Details 
1 Sri Raj Kumar- I NO View 


Sheikhpura Judgeship is established on 13th April 2015. Sheikhpura Judgeship is inaugurated by L. Narasimha Reddy - Hon'ble Chief Justice of Patna High Court in the presence of Hon'ble Inspecting Judge Mr. Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah - Patna High Court. Sri  Alok Kumar Pandey is the first District & Sessions Judge of Sheikhpura. Sri Alok Kumar pandey has joined on 13th April 2015.


Before establishment of Sheikhpura Judgeship, the Sub-divisional Court was established at Sheikhpura on 25th September 1992 by Sri Vimal Chandra Basak - Hon'ble Chief Justice of Patna High Court  under the Munger Judgeship. On 20th September 2014, Sheikhpura Sub-divisional court was separated from Munger Judgeship and become the part of Lakhisarai Judgeship.  After that, on 13th April 2015 Sheikhpura Sub-Division become the Sheikhpura Judgeship.