About Shivamogga Court


District & Sessions Court, Shivamogga has been established before 1-6-1956 as per acquittance roll maintained in this Court. Formerly, Shivamogga District & Sessions Court had jurisdiction over the three District of Shivamogga, Chitradurga and Chikmagalur. Its jurisdiction was confined to the Shivamogga District after new District Courts were established at Chitradurga and Chikmagalur with effect from 01-10-1964 and 01-11-1965 respectively. Shivamogga District Court had administrative control over the Districts of Shivamogga, Chitradurga and Chikmagalur till 19-10-1978 and from that date the above three Districts have independent administration over their respective Districts. District & Sessions Judge is the highest judicial authority in the District. A spacious composite Court building was constructed near the Deputy Commissioner’s office at Balraj Urs Road, Shivamogga to house the various Courts at Shivamogga which started function from 02-12-1973.


Shivamogga District is consisting of 7 (Seven) Taluks viz.,

1) Shivamogga

2) Bhadravathi

3) Sagar

4) Shikaripur

5) Thirthahalli

6) Hosanagar

7) Sorab.


Name of the Courts under Shivamogga Unit
1. Prl. District & Sessions Court, Shivamogga.
2. I Addl. District & Sessions Court, Shivamogga.
3. II Addl. District & Sessions Court, Shivamogga.
4. III addl.District & Sessions Court, Shivamogga.
5. Addl. District & Sessions Court – FTSC-I, Shivamogga
6. Addl. District & Sessions Court – FTSC-II, Shivamogga
7. Family Court, Shivamogga.
8. Prl. Senior  Civil Judge & CJM, Shivamogga.
9. I Addl.  Senior  Civil Judge & CJM, Shivamogga.
10. II Addl. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC, Shivamogga.
11. Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC,  Shivamogga.
12. I Addl.  Civil Judge & JMFC,  Shivamogga.
13. II Addl.  Civil Judge & JMFC,  Shivamogga.
14. III Addl.  Civil Judge & JMFC,  Shivamogga.
15. IV Addl.  Civil Judge & JMFC,  Shivamogga.
16.V Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Shivamogga
17. JMFC – II Court Shivamogga.
18. JMFC – III Court Shivamogga.
1. IV Addl. District & Sessions Court, Bhadravathi.
2. Prl.  Senior  Civil Judge & JMFC.,Bhadravathi.
3. Addl. Senior  Civil Judge & JMFC.,Bhadravathi.
4. Prl. Civil Judge  & Addl.JMFC., Bhadravathi
5. I Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Bhadravathi.
6. II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Bhadravathi.
7. III Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Bhadravathi.
8. IV Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Shivamogga
1. V Addl. District & Sessions Court, Sagar.
2. Prl. Senior  Civil Judge & JMFC., Sagar.
3. Addl. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., Sagar.
4. Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Sagar.
5. Addl.Civil Judge & Addl.JMFC., Sagar
1. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., Shikaripur.
2. Prl.Civil Judge & JMFC., Shikaripur
3. Addl.Civil Judge & JMFC, Shikaripur.
4. II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Shikaripur
1. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., Sorab.
2. Civil Judge & JMFC., Sorab.
3.Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Sorab
1.  Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., Thirthahalli
2. Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Thirthahalli.
3. Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Thirthahalli.
4. II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Thirthahalli
1. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., Hosanagar.
2. Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Hosanagar.
3. Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC., Hosanagar.


The main building of Shivamogga court complex is accommodating for 14 Courts i.e., (1) District & Sessions Courts-06,   (2) Senior Civil Judge & CJM., Courts-03,  (3) Civil Judge & JMFC., Courts-06 including Bar Association and the annex building of this court complex  is accommodating for 3 Courts  i.e (1) Family Court -01 (2) J. M. F. C. II & J. M. F. C III Courts-02 including District Legal Services Authority /Mediation Centre and also offices of Public Prosecutors/ Government Pleaders etc.  There is toilet room for both male and female employees separately.

  1. Each Taluka, in this Unit, is provided with Computer Server room under e-courts project.

  2. The Judgments and Orders of all the Courts situated in this unit are availalbe on District Court web-site (

  3. Video-conference facility is available in the District Court premises for Administration and Judicial Work and Desktop Based VC is available in all the Court Complex of Mandya Unit.

  4. Information KIOSK are installed in District Court Complex and all Taluka Court complex  for the use of Advocates and  Litigents Public.

  5. Short Message Service [SMS] feasility is provided to Advocates on Filing of new cases, Registration of new cases and case disposal information.

  6. District Legal Services Authority in existence and rendering free legal aid to the needy. Lok-Adalaths are organized for settlement of various types of pending disputes and pre litigation disputes and also Taluka Legal Service Committees have been functioning in all the six Talukas.



Composite Court Building,

Balraj Urs Road,

Near D.C. Office,


Telephone No: 08182-270321.