George Castle (Shivpuri)
Chhatari (Shivpuri).
Surwaya, Fortified Monastery in Shivpuri
District And Session Court, Shivpuri (M.P.)


SHIVPURI district is known for its lush greenery, thick dense forests is also referred to as the Shimla of Madhya Pradesh and the first tourist village of India. Almost 83 percent of the total population lives in the rural areas. The famous Narwar Fort built by the Kachhwaha Rajputs, which came under various dynastics such as the Kachhwaha, Parihar, Toamr, Mughal and Haratha falls within this district.

Shivpuri being part of the former Gwalior state, the system of judiciary prevalent there was also applied here. In 1907-08, there was the court of the district judge, Narwar, and pargana courts at Pichhore, Karera, Kolaras and Sipri. The system of honorary magistrates also prevailed here. During 1945-46, it also had the court of the district and sessions judge, and district sub-judge at Shivpuri, judicial officer at Kolaras, Karera, Pichhore, Sarjapur, jagir Rai, sub-judge at Pohari, ex-officio magistrate at Shivpuri, Kolaras, Karera, Pichhore, and honorary magistrate at Shivpuri.

After the formation of Madhya Bharat in 1948, Shivpuri was included in the Guna division and as such was under the district and sessions judge, Guna. At that time, there were courts of the civil judge Class I, additional district magistrate and magistrate First Class, munsif and sub-divisional magistrate Second Class and court of the civil judge Class II and sub-divisional magistrate First Class in Karera, Kolaras, Pichhore and Pohari.

The civil districts were reorganised in 1961 and the Shivpuri civil district was included in the Gwalior civil district and sessions division. The courts established in Shivpuri district included the courts of the additional district and sessions judge, Shivpuri, civil judge class I and chief judicial magistrate, Shivpuri, and three courts of the civil judges, Class II and judicial magistrate First Class, at Shivpuri, Karera and Kolaras.

After 1969, Shivpuri district was made a separate civil district in which the present Datia district was also included but on 15 July, 1978, Datia district was excluded. A new court of the civil judge Class II and judicial magistrate First Class, Pichhore was also established by this time, while the other courts continued to function.

The court buildings of Kolaras and Karera are of historic lineage. The tehsil of Pichhore also has a very beautiful court building constructed in recent years.

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