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Mr. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava


History of District Shravasti is one of the districts of the Uttar Pradesh and Tehsil Bhinga is district headquarter. Shravasti is a newly created district carved out from district Bahraich and is a part of Devipatan Mandal. Shravasti shares its border with district Balrampur ,Gonda and Bahraich and Nepal State. The District Headquarter Bhinga is approximately 175 kilometres away from the state capital Lucknow. Geography Bhinga is located at 27.72N 81.93E. It has an average elevation of 120metres (393feet). Headquarter Bhinga of District Shravasti is also the East end of Country. Shravasti, the north-eastern town of Uttar Pradesh, is located near the West Rapti River. This town is closely associated with the life of Gautama Buddha, who is believed to have spent 24 Chaturmases here. Age-old stupas majestic viharas and several temples near the village of "Sahet-Mahet" establish Buddha's association with Shravasti. It is being said that the Vedic Bharat period king Sravast founded this town. Shravasti was the capital of the Kosala Kingdom during 6th century BC to 6th century AD. This prosperous trading center was well known for its religious associations. Sobhanath temple is believed to be the birthplace of the Tirthankara Sambhavanath Jainism, making Shravasti an important center for Jains. According to Nagarjuna, the city had a population of 900,000 in 5th century BC and it even overshadowed Magadha's capital, Rajgir as mentioned in the 'Bruhatkalpa' and various Kalpas of the fourteenth century, the name of the city was Mahid. There are subsequent mentions showing that the name of this city was Sahet-Mahet.