Sidhi district is located on the Northeastern Boundary of the state between 22,475 and 24.4210 North Latitude and 81:1840 and 824830 East longitude. The district has Singrauli district in the north-east, Koriya district of Chhattisgarh on the east, and Rewa district on the west. In the 1800s, there were three separate rulers of Sidhi, ruling three parts of the territory:

  • The Chandela rulers from Bardi (Khatai).

  • Second one is Rajasahab of Singrauli.

After these came the Rajput Baghelas came from Kasauta, Rewa. They immigrated to Sidhi in early 19th century. They ruled the western Sidhi territory (Churhat/Rampur) from then on till India gained independence. The last ruler of Churhat was Rao RanBahadur Singhji- elder brother of Arjun Singh.

Sidhi District has a total population of 18,31,152 sharing almost 3.03%of the total population of erstwhile state of Madhya Pradesh in 2001

Sidhi is a part of Madhya Pradesh. It forms the northeastern boundary of the state. Sidhi is known for its natural environment, historical importance and cultural roots.Sidhi has a number of natural resources with the river Sone draining the district, and with coal deposits which feed major industries across the country.

This is the birthplace of Birbal. Located in the area is the Sanjay Tiger Reserve or Sanjay National Park which tells the magnificence of the Lions here. There is also a park – Parasli.

Sidhi district comprises seven tehsils: Bahari, Churhat, Gopad Banas, Rampur Naikin, Majhauli, Kusmi and Sihawal. There are four Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha constituencies in this district, namely, Churhat, Sidhi, Sihawal and Dhauhani. All of these are part of Sidhi Lok Sabha constituency.

Tourist Places

  • Sanjay National Park, which is a part of Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve,[8] is the most popular place to visit.

  • The Son River near Bagdara Abhyaranya.

  • Parsili Rest House, which is 60.0 km (37.3 miles) from the Sidhi headquarter, near Majhauli Tehsil.

  • For viewing the surroundings: Varchar Aashram at Rampur Village, Block Kusami, and Tikari Rest House, which is 40.0 km (24.9 miles) south from Sidhi.