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Geographical Location :-
Sindhudurg District is a southern part of Konkan region, situated between Arebian Sea and Sahyadri Mountains. On 1st May, 1981 a separate new District Sindhudurg came to be established after carving of six Talukas i.e. Kudal, Vengurla, Sawantwadi, Malvan, Kankavli & Devgad from the original District, Ratnagiri. Later on two Talukas viz. Vaibhavwadi and Dodamarg came to be attached to District Sindhudurg. As such, at present there are eight Talukas in Sindhudurg District. Average length of the Distict in North-South direction is about 130 km. whereas average width in East-West direction is about 40 km.
Sindhudurg District surrounded by the District Kolhapur on East side, District Ratnagiri on North side, Goa State on South side, on west Arebian Sea, District Sindhudurg has 127 k.m. Coastal area. On East, there are ranges of Sahyadri Mountain. In the said mountain range, there are three big mountain passes commonly known as 'Ghat'. They are viz. Karul, Phonda, Amboli and Bhuibawda.
Judicial History :-
The District and Sessions Court, Sindhudurg is started from 27th January, 1997 at Oros. Oros is a centrally situated village in Taluka Kudal, is selected as District Head Quarters. Though Sindhudurg District is established in the year 1981, a separate District and Sessions Court for this District started functioning from abovementioned day. A separate beautiful building for the District Court and other Courts is constructed in central campus. Provisions for nine independent Courts is made in the building.
The inaguration ceremony of the new District Court building was performed on 25th January, 1997 at the auspicious hand of the Hon'ble Shri.Justice M.B.Shaha, the then Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and in the presence of Hon'ble Shri.V.G.Munshi, the then District & Sessions Judge, Ratnagiri. Hon'ble Shri.M.N.Godbole, the first District and Sessions Judge, Sindhudurg, presided over the said opening ceremony function.
Number of Courts including Taluka Courts :-
There are five Courts working at District place, i.e. Principal District and Sessions Court, Court of District Judge-1 & Additional Sessions Judge, Court of District Judge-2 & Additional Sessions Judge, Civil Court (Senior Division), Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate and seven Taluka Courts are working in this District i.e. Civil Court (J.D.) & J.M.F.C., Kudal, Vengurla, Sawantwadi, Malvan, Kankavli, Deogad and Dodamarg. Besides this one Joint Court is working at Sawantwadi and another Joint Court is working at Malvan, in this District.
Other relevant important Information :-
This District has a great historical background since the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On the western coast there are three old forts at Malvan and Vijaydurg. Sindhudurg District is bestowed with natural beauty and therefore, the Government of Maharashtra has declared this District as “Tourism District”. There is water Fort commonly known as 'Janjira' in vernacular at Malvan. It is named as “Sindhudurg Fort”. Therefore, this District is named as, 'Sindhudurg' on this Water Fort. This Fort is constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, wherein he laid the foundation of the Indian Navy (Armour).
Natural Ports
Vengurla :-
Set within a magnificent natural harbour. This sleepy little town is renowned for its historic biliding Dutch Wakhar and heritage Sagar Bunglow that offers panoramic view of Arabian sea from its courtyard.
Malvan Jetty :-
Is a home of fishing trawlers. A short boat ride from this jetty will take you to the Sindhudurg Fort situated on a Kurte Island.
Sarjekot :-
On the mouth of Talashil Creek. This port is a scenic splendour. Sarjekot received its name from Sarjekot Fort constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1668.
Reddi ( 21 K.M. From Vengurla) :-
The Revati port area is the nicest spot for picnics in Sindhudurg. The historic significance of this place is Yashwantgad fort and self existant Lord Ganesh who attracts large numbers of devotees.
Devgad :-
Is a natural harbour and a well guarded port town which is named after Devgad Fort. Marathas valient naval commander Kanoji Angre was instumental in erecting this elegant looking fort in 1705.
Hill Resorts :-
“Amboli” is the well known Hill Station in this District. The pristine beauty of this eco friendly hill station offers more to the visitors then traditional summer beach holiday. Numerous view points, botanical garden, flora & fauna, silence of wilderness and countless streams of milky waters in the rainy season.
-: Inviting Beaches :-
Tarkarli Beach ( 8 k.m. From Malvan ) :-
Considered as queen of Sindhudurg's beaches. The miles long stretch of delighting Cajurina plantations & unique rural cottages lined up in dunes impresses upon the visitors to make a halt at this beach.
Devbag Beach (10 k.m. From Malvan) :-
Geographic wonder of Malvan's coast. The beauty never ends at Picturesque Sangam Point of this beach.
Chivla Beach :-
Lovely beach bordering Malvan town from north-west.
Tondavali Beach (19 k.m. From Malvan) :-
This hideaway paradise of Malvan is reached by taking turnoff from Malvan-Achara road. Can stroll on this beach for hours without seeing another soul.
Nivati Beach (25 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
Fishermens seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an intresting feature to watch on this beach. This secluded sparking beach is a paradise for Swimmers & Dolphin watchers.
Sagartirtha Beach (14 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
A perfact end to the day of discovering Vengurla's coastal treasure is to relex and unwind on this beautiful beach.
Sagareshwar Beach (3 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
Overlooking the naturalport Vengurla this pristine stretch of shiny sand is bordered with magnificent Cajurina plantations which offers pleasure to the visitors.
Mochemad Beach (9 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
In settlement of fishermens this beach attracts tourists by its breathtaking scenary.
Shiroda Beach (19 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
This Cajurina fringed beach is a feast for the eyes of the visitors.
Bhogwe Beach (29 k.m. From Kudal) :-
Blessed with magnificent backdrop of slopy hill this beach is considered as a bird watchers paradise.
Tambaldeg Beach (27 k.m. From Devgad) :-
Arguably the most scenic one in north Sindhudurg and peaceful beyond imagination. Look out for rare green turtles on this beach.
Khavana Beach (25 k.m. From Vengurla) :-
Intimate size beach in relative isolation.
-: Luring Waterfalls :-
Saitavade Fall (27 k.m. From Devgad) :-
Rapidly flows through the cracks of curious black rocks of Padaghar. This fall has produced scenic pool at the base. Mirror like water rushing over the rocks is a delight for photographers.
Napane Waterfall (16 k.m. From Talere) :-
For one who seeks virgin fall Napane is the one you are looking for. Here you can explore rthe secret of cascading water by reaching close to the spot from where water emerges from the sedimentary rocks in form of bubbles. The area is a natural habitat for the rare species of birds, specially Hornbills.
Nangartas Fall (12 k.m. From Amboli) :-
When you arrive at this fall walk cautiously at the edge of the drop off. Stand on the erected platform for viewers and let your eyes follow the sound of falling water into the cavity of the rocks.
-: Scenic Places of Worship :-
Shivrajeshwar Temple :-
Only of its kind in Maharashtra where Shivaji's image is worshipped. Shivaji's younger son Rajaram erected this temple inside the fort Sindhudurg in 1695.
Bharadidevi Temple (12 k.m. From Malvan) :-
Is a Godess of Angnewadi village where she has occurred in a selfexistant rock form. It is believed that when a person ask for a favour godess fulfills it. Annual fair of this godess is witnessed by large number of devotees.
Shridevi Sateri Temple (Jalmandir) (10 k.m. From Malvan) :-
Shridevi Sateri Temple is situated at Village Bilwas, which is 10 k.m. From Malvan. This temple is very attractive and beautiful. Said temple is surrounded by water. Therefore, this temple is named as “JALMANDIR”. This temple is growing day to day as tourist destination.
Bhadrakali Temple (5 k.m. From Malvan) :-
This godess is often mentioned by famous Malvani dramatist Mr.Macchindra Kambli in his popular dramas. The temple is situated at Revandi Village by the shore.
Rawool Maharaj Math (3.5 k.m. From Kudal) :-
A potent saint of Konkan who sacrificed himself for the welfare of the society. Later he self immoliated himself at Pinguli where mth stands in his name.
Kunkeshwar Temple (19 k.m. From Devgad) :-
The nature has bestowed beauty by placing this temple on the bank of Arabian sea. The Hemadpanthy architectural style temple is believed to be built by one arabian businessman. Main annual event is Mahashivaratri festival where people gather in thousands to worship Lord Shiva.
Bhalchandra Maharaj Math :-
The people of Kankavli town adore this saint as a supreme being whose memorial lies inside the math.
Datta mandir (14 k.m. From Kudal) :-
Birth place of Paramhans Pariwranakacharya Vasudevanand Saraswati alias Tembyeswami who has left rich treasure of philosophy written in form of granthas. 
There are so many beautiful temples on the western coast and at other part of District. Thus Sindhudurg District is blessed with natural beauty and greenary.
-: Historic Forts :-
Sindhudurg Fort :-
On a low island about a mile from Malvan's shore fort is said to be a pride of Maratha glory. Today it contains the houses of few Gabits and a shrine of Shivaji. Palm and foot prints of Shivaji are also preserved here on dried lime slab in an tower.
Vijaydurg Fort (31 k.m. From Devgad) :-
Pre Shivaji period fort erected during Adilshah's regime. Shivaji captured this fort in 1653 & restored its dignity. Then under the leadership of Kanhoji Angre fort witnessed many battles.
-: Luxary Hotels :-
1. Neelam Countryside, Kankavli.
2. M.T.D.C. Resort, Tarkarli.
3. Konkan Crown, Sawantwadi.
4. Sharmila Resort & Club, Kankavli.
5. Hotel Sagar Kinara, Malvan.
Konkan Railway Stations in Sindhudurg :-
Vaibhavwadi – 237509
Kankavli – 232243
Sindhudurgnagari -228775
Kudal – 222604
Sawantwadi Road - 270215

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