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                                 IT Activities




IT Activities District Courts of Siwan of Bihar


Siwan Court is the court in India to Computerize Cause Management System in 2013. We had also taken initiative in successfully experimenting trial of accused through video-conferencing between civil court and Jails of Bihar in 2001.


The following activities have been carried out towards computerization of the Siwan Court:


Networked Court (LAN) covering Court Room, Judges Chambers, Judges Library, Sections in New Building, 206 nodes have been installed in the Siwan Court Campus.


On-Line Computerized Filing System


Cases are filed at the computerized filingcounter,filing receipts are generated.

The activities includes instant entry of Criminal and CivilCases,TokenGeneration for tracking of files till it is defect free, Notices generation for defective cases, Checking of Duplicate filing in bail related cases,Automatic allocation of case numbers, Keeping record of Revenue Earned through Filing.