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Bar Association

BAR Association of Namchi was established on the 3rd day of August 2003 with its headquarters at Namchi District Courts Complex, P.O. and P.S. Namchi, South District, Sikkim.

Our Pledge 

We the Advocates practicing in the Courts of South & West Districts of Sikkim, having realized the necessity of a friendly atmosphere and co-operation amongst us, do hereby resolve to form an Association of our own, termed as “Namchi Bar Association”.

Aims & Objectives    

1. Accommodation to meet the needs of the members for the purpose of their legal profession.
2. A Library containing books on Law, Legal Journals and other legal   periodicals or otherwise for the use of its members.
3. To safeguard the rights, privileges and interest of all the Bar members of the Association.
4. To create the spirit of togetherness among the young Bar Members of the Association.
5. To uphold the professional values and ethics of the Advocate profession.
6. To provide aid/assistance to the members & his/her family in time of needs.

Rules & Regulations    

1. All persons ordinarily practicing as Advocates in the Courts of South & West Sikkim would be eligible to be members of the Association.
2. The members of the Association shall consist of the persons of legal profession of South and West District of Sikkim and also other places as the General members at the meeting shall resolve.
3. The membership of the Association shall cease by tendering resignation; by expulsion there from as may be resolved by the Association at a meeting on the ground of misconduct as defined in the Article of the Association; or by conviction for an offence which may be in the opinion of the Association, involves moral turpitude; or on the insanity or death or loss of necessary qualification of the member; and for non-payment of the monthly subscription for six consecutive months.

General Body

All the members of the Association shall constitute the General Body of the Namchi Bar Association.
Powers & Functions:-

1. General Body shall have the supreme power of the Association.

2. General Body shall have the power to elect the Executive Committee every two year at the Annual General Meeting of the Namchi Bar Association.

3. General Body shall decide on the “ No confidence Motion” raised by the House against any members of Executive Committee or even the whole Executive Committee by 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting in the meeting specially called for the purpose.

The first Executive Committee members of BAR Association of Namchi elected on 3rd September, 2009.

Sl. No.





Shri Kumar Sharma

Berthang-Bermiok, West Sikkim



Miss Nimkit Lepcha

Sangtong, Ranka, East Sikkim

Vice President


Smt. Jyoti Subba

Singithang, South Sikkim

General Secretary


Shri Sandeep Rai

Tadong, South Sikkim

Assistant Secretary


Shri Bhupendra Giri

Sumbuk Busty, namchi, South Sikkim



Smt. Prasuna Sharma


Assistant Treasurer


Smt. Yangzee Pinasha

Phalidara Parengtar

Publicity Secretary


The first founding members of BAR Association of Namchi.

Sl. No.              Name                                                  Address

    1.                  Kumar Sharma                                  Berthang-Bermiok, West Sikkim

    2.                  Nimkit LepchaSangtong,                Ranka, East Sikkim

    3.                  Jyoti Subba                                       Singithang, South Sikkim

    4.                  Bhupendra Giri                                Sumbhock Busty, Namchi

    5.                  Yangzee Pinasha                            Phalidara Parengtar,

    6.                  Prasuna Sharma                             Central Pandam, East Sikkim

    7.                  Sandip Rai                                        Tadong, South Sikkim

    8.                  J.B.Rai                                                Lower Bomtar, Namchi

    9.                  T.K. Pandit                                         Darjeeling, West Bengal

  10.                  Bandhan Rai                                    Darjeeling, West Bengal

  11.                  Prabhat Rai                                      Lower Bomtar, Namchi, South Sikkim

  12.                  Amitabh Shankar                            Patna, Bihar

  13.                  Passang Sherpa                             32nd Mile, East Sikkim

  14.                  Prasun Adhikari                              Guawhati, Assam

  15.                 Sarmila Lama                                   Gangtok, East Sikkim

  16.                 Bimu Chettri                                      Soreng, West Sikkim

  17.                 Ongmu Bhutia                                  Gangtok, East Sikkim

  18.                 Kamala Gurung                               Kaluk, West Siikim

  19                  Lazarus Mukhia                               Rinchenpong, West Sikkim

  20.                 Pema Tamang                                 Melli Gumpa, South Sikkim

  21.                 Geeta Subba                                    Daramdin, West Sikkim

  22.                 Puja Lamichani                                Khamdong, East Sikkim

  23.                 Sushila Thapa                                  Suldung, West Sikkim

  24.                 Charles Lincoln Lucksom              Singithang, Namchi, South Sikkim

  25.                 Ben Kr. Subba                                  Timberbong, West Sikkim

  26.                 Vivek Chandra Rai                          Darjeeling, West Bengal

  27.                 Bhim Dal Subba                               Namchi, South Sikkim

  28.                 Roshan Tamang                              Singling, West Sikkim

  29.                 Pabitra Pradhan                               Gangtok, East Sikkim

  30.                 Anita Sherpa                                     Buriakhop, West Sikkim

  31.                 Bedan Gurung                                  Darjeeling, West Bengal

  32.                 Tashi Doma Bhutia                          Soreng, West Sikkim





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