District & Sessions Court, Namchi, South

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                                  Old Image of High Court of Sikkim

          In 1916, an Appellate Courts by the designation of Chief Court was created with jurisdiction to try important original suits and also to hear appeals against the decisions of the Adda Courts. This Court also exercised supervisory and appellate jurisdiction over the Adda Courts. The Chief Court was not the final Court. The appeal against the decision of the Chief Court would lie to the Supreme Court of His Highness, the Maharaja. The Court of the Maharaja was the final Court of appeal in the State. It has no original jurisdiction. A Board on the lines of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England,  would hear the parties and scrutinize the evidence regarding merit of the case and then tender its opinion to the Maharaja.


                               Alternative Dispute Redressal Centre

The ADR Centre was inaugurated on 23rd February, 2013 by Hon'ble Chief Justice Shri PERMOD KOHLI, High Court of Sikkim in presence of Hon'ble Justice Shri S. P. WANGDI, Judge, High Court of Sikkim.


 Main entrance of the District and Sessions court, Complex, South Sikkim


                          Judicial Service Centre cum Filing Counter


               Administrative Officer Shri B. B. Pradhan in his chamber


Establishment Section of the District and Sessions Court, Namchi, South Sikkim




 Smt. Meena Rai, Senior Accounatnt cum Accounts Officer IC




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