District Court of Tiruvannamalai

Police station

Chief Judicial Magistrate

Vigilence & Anticorruption, Tiruvannamalai
Factries Inspector, Tiruvannamalai
CBCID Tiruvannamalai

Judicial Magistrate No. I

Tiruvannamalai Town L & O
Tiruvannamalai Crime Police Station
Veraiyur Police Station
Thandrampet Police Station
Thatchampet Police Station
Vanapuram Police Station
Kalasapakkam Police Station
Civil Supply C.I.D Police Station, Tiruvannamalai
District Crime Branch Police Station, Tiruvannamalai
R.P.F. Police Station, Villupuram
Video Piracy Cell Police Station , Vellore
All Women Police Station, Tiruvannamalai
All Women Police Station, Chengam
All Women Police Station, Polur
Trial Of CBCID Cases, Entire Tiruvannamalai District

Judicial Magistrate No. II

Tiruvannamalai Taluk Police Station
Tiruvannamalai East Police Station
Tiruvannamalai All Women Police Station
Tiruvannamalai PEW Police Station
Kilpennathur Police Station
Vettavalam Police Station
Mangalam Police Station
D.C.B. Police Station, Tiruvannamalai
Tiruvannamalai Forest Range Office
Tiruvannamalai Commercial Crime Investigation Wing Police Station
Privension of Civil Rights Unit Tiruvannamalai

Principal District Munsif -cum- Judicial Magistrate Court, Chengam

All Women Police Station, Chengam
Pudupalayam Police Station
Sathanurdam Police Station
Melchengam Police Station
FRO Chengam
Thanipadi Police Station
Pachal Police Station

Judicial Magistrate Court, Polur

Polur police station .
Chetpet police station .
Santhavasal police station .
Kadaladi police station.
PEW police station,Tiruvannamalai.
PEW police station,Cheyyar.
All women polce station polur.
All women polce station Arni.
Forest Range office polur

Judicial Magistrate Court, ARNI

Town Police Station, Arni
Taluk Police Station, Arni
Kalambur Police Station
Kannamangalam Police Station
PEW Cheyyar Police Station,
All Women Police Station, Arni
Traffic Police Station, Arni

Judicial Magistrate Court, Cheyyar

Town Police Station, Cheyyar
Peranamallur Police Station
Vadavanakkambadi Police Station
Anakkavur Police Station
Moranam Police Station
Brammadesam Police Station
All Women Police Station, Cheyyar
PEW Police Station, Cheyyar
Dusi Police Station

Principal District Munsif -cum- Judicial Magistrate Court, Vandavasi

Desur Police Station
Thellar Police Station
Keelkodungalur Police Station
North Police Station, Vandavasi
South Police Station, Vandavasi
All Women Police Station, Vandavasi
Ponnur Police Station
PEW Cheyyar