The present Cuddalore District was Previously Known as  South  Arcot  District.  Sir.Thomas Manro under the ruling of British has made many revolutionary projects. During the British imperialism, in the year 1814 Monro's Commission has made decision to set up judicial system on the basis of Indian culture.

    During the year of 1827, on the basis of the Civil Court System, District Munsif was the Appellate Authority. At the same time, to decide the higher value cases in Principal jurisdiction, the District Adalats have been formed. In the year of 1843, the Principal Jurisdiction has been modified as Principal Sadar Ameen-Zilla Court to deal with all Civil nature of cases only. No appellate jurisdiction was allowed in this form of Courts. This system was followed only up to 1873. From the year of  1873 as per the Civil Court Act, the post of District Judge has been created. At the same time Criminal Court was formed as Sadar Dhivani Adalat. Under Act 7 of Criminal Law, it was declared that the Sadar Dhivani Adalats have to be function under the Sessions Judges. 

     In the year of 1866 the District Judge ( Civil ) and Sessions Judges have been  combined. As per the records found in Madras District Gazette under section 2 Volume 661 dated 09.06.1863 in the page of 78, the Cuddalore Principal Sadar Ameen-Zilla Court was closed during the year of 1863. Mr.Autskeen, who was directly came from London, was assumed charge as the first District and Sessions Judge of Cuddalore, as per the records found in Madras District Gazette year 1868, Volume: 1533, page: 215 and 216 dated 25.08.1868. Further under Madras Gazette 1873 Volume 146 dated 18.02.1873 pages 78 and 79, again Sadar Ameen@ Zilla Court was started to function as Combined Civil and Sessions Courts. After that the District Civil and Sessions Court was functioning continuously. It was come to know that these ways the Civil and Criminal Courts are functioning continuously from the year of 1864 to 1873. It can be seen from the stone laid at the top of the old District Court as 1866 A.D which was constructed at the British Regime. The miracles made by the Ramalinga Swamigal at the time of appearance before the District Munsif Court at Cuddalore was known from vallalar.net.