Namakkal District is a newly formed district BIFURCATED from Salem District. It is functioning from 01-01-1997. It consists of 5 Revenue Taluks namely Namakkal. Rasipuram, Tiruchengode, Paramathi Velur and Kollimalai. The district is bounded by Salem on the North, Karur on the South, Trichy and Salem on the East and Erode on the West. The Geographical area of the district is 3363.35 Kms which lies between 11.00 and 11.360 North Latitude and 77.280 and 78.300 East Longitude.

Judicial Taluks

        For Administrative purposes, the district has been divided into 2 Revenue Divisions, 4 Taluks, 30 Revenue firkas and 454 Revenue Villages (Including group Villages). For local arrangements, the district has been divided into 5 Municipalities, 15 Panchayats Unions, 19 Town Panchayats and 331 Village Panchayats. Thiruvaraikkal as it is mentioned in the inscription found on the north west and south walls of the deserted temple on the Hill. Since it produces major part of Eggs sent to all over other parts of our country, and is also called “Poultry Town” as it contains quite a number of poultry Farms and also now called as “Egg City”.


        The Rock Fort in Namakkal is a Special feature of the town. The Fort covers an area of One and half acres of flat surface and is accessible from south west by a flight of narrow steps. Namakkal was in the hands of Atikula King called Gunasila who had married with pallava dynasty. Later the Taluk was ruled by the cholas in the Kongu Mandalam which has over run by the Cholas in the 9”th Century and passed on the Vijayanagar under the Viyroyultry of Madura. Namakkal was held by Killedhar (Captain) on Hyder Ali Unit was Captured by the British in 1768.


       The Northern portion of Namakkal are mountainous and the southern areas are plains. The Chief rivers that run through the district are Cauvery, Aiyaru, Karipottan Aaru and Thirumanimutharu. The Cauvery flows south and south west hugging the border.


       The Garden of Namakkal District is Kolli hills which is governed by Panchayat union, comprising 16 Village Panchayats are called 'Nadu' with an area of 371.03 Sq.Kms. and 1300m above Sea level. In Kolli hills the Malayalis are the prehistoric tribals. ‘Valvil Ori’ the king of Kadai Yelu Vallal ruled this hilly area. The famous Siva temple Arappaleeswarar was originally a retreat of the jain Monks prior to its Hindusation. The another famous Water Falls namely, ‘Akash Ganga’ is situated near the Temple.


       Namakkal finds a place of importance in the map of India because of its Lorry body building industry, a unique feature of the town. More than 150 Lorry body building work shops and with a number of subsidiary industries of auto body works are operating since 1960’s. There are Lorries, Trailors and L.P.G. Tanker Lorries are in Namakkal district. Therefore it is called as ‘Transport City’. Namakkal is the major producer of Egg in Southern Region. Hence, called as “Egg City”.


       The formation of Railway route Salem to Karur is completed which will held this district in economically.


      The famous Tamil Poet “Namakkal Kavignar Ramalingam Pillai” was born in this district. In the memory of the poet the state government established an arts and science college for women . On of the most famous Government Veterinary College is also situated near by Namakkal Town. More and more private educational/technical institutions are coming up in recent years which is blossom for the district.


       The famous Lord Anjaneyaswami Statue which has its height of 6.7ms was built in 996 AD. The Lord Narasimma Swamy Temple along with Amman Temple are situated behind the west of the Rock Fort in the Heart of the town.


        Rasipuram is another important taluk in Namakkal District. The Chief industry of the town is weaving. Pattunoolkarar who belongs to Sourashtra Community live in large numbers in this town together with kaikolar. They are weaving Cotton Cloth and Silk Sarees. Another important aspect in the taluk is the Sago production. Nearly 176 Sago factories are located in and around the Rasipuram Taluk. Sago and Starch production in this area are exported to other countries. Ghee production is also famous in Rasipuram Taluk.


       Tiruchengode is a town of cultural and historical importance. In the 19th Century, it was the Home of the Tamil Academy called ‘ Pulavar Sangam’. Nearly 37 spinning mills and more than 10,000 Powerlooms are functioning in this area. One Sugar mill and one Paper mill were functioning under Private Sector. Tiruchengode is famous for Rig Vehicles. More than 2,000 Vehicles were engaged in digging of borewells all over India. The Large number of powerloom and handloom industries were functioning in this Taluk. Lord Arthanareeswarar temple in Tiruchengode is one of the Pilgrimage center.


      The famous Cauvery River flows in Paramathi Taluk. It helps more lrrigation of lands in Paramathi and Mohanur Blocks. The Mohanur Co- Operative Sugar Mills is also situated in Paramathi Taluk in Mohanur Block.




    The Namakkal Revenue District was bifurcated from Salem Revenue District in the year 1997 and the Principal District and Sessions Court, Namakkal started to function w.e.f. 29.3.2002 as per the G.O.Ms.No.430, Home (Courts-III) Dept., dated 25.4.2001.


Number of Taluks in Namakkal Judicial District:-


  1. Namakkal.

  2. Tiruchengode.

  3. Rasipuram

  4. Paramathy.







       The Combined Court Buildings and Judicial Officers' Quarters at Master Plan Complex, Namakkal was sanctioned as per G.O.Ms.No.85, Home (Courts-III) Department, dt.1.10.2010 and the Combined Court Buildings and Judicial Officers' Quarters was inaugurated on 23.1.2011 and the Combined Court Building comprising of the following courts mentioned hereunder, started to function w.e.f.1.2.2011.

  1. Principal District and Sessions Court, Namakkal.
  2. Additional District & Sessions Court, Namakkal.
  3. Fast Track Mahila Court, Namakkal.
  4. Family Court, Namakkal.
  5. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Namakkal.
  6. Subordinate Court, Namakkal.
  7. Additional Subordinate Court, Namakkal
  8. Principal District Munsif Court, Namakkal.
  9. Additional District Munsif Court, Namakkal.
  10. Judicial Magistrate No.1 Court, Namakkal.
  11. Judicial Magistrate No.2 Court, Namakkal.
  12. Additional Mahila Court (Magisterial Level), Namakkal
  13. Mobile Court, Namakkal.
  14. Special Court for Land Grabbing Cases for Namakkal District
  15. Official Receiver Court, Namakkal.




       ADR Centre was completed and the same is inaugurated and started to function w.e.f 30.11.2013.



       The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chennai in its letter in Lr.Rc.No.A1/656/2009, dt.11.8.2011 requested the Hon'ble High Court, Madras to issue necessary permission for the construction of own building to the DCDRF, Namakkal and the Hon'ble High Court, Madras had addressed the Government for administrative sanction for the construction of the abovesaid Consumer Court and after obtaining the same, the construction of the DCDRF is under progress now.



       Proposal for construction of Law Chambers in the Master Plan Complex, Namakkal has been submitted by the Hon'ble High Court, Madras is pending with the Government.




       Further, the proposal for construction of Garages (8 nos.) and Two wheeler shed (for 200 vehicles) in the Combined Court Building, Master Plan Complex was submitted to the Hon'ble High Court, Madras and the same is pending with the Government, since no provision was made for construction of garages and 2 wheelers' shed in the Master Plan Complex originally.






  • BUILDING LICENCE NO: 14/2018, DATED :12.02.2018
  • The licence is here by granted to THE COMBINED COURT BUILDING, NAMAKKAL for the purpose and in respect of the building specified in the statement below and subject to the conditions and for the period mentioned the under:-
  • The period of validity of the licence shall be from the period 12.02.2018 to the 12.02.2021.(inclusive)
  • The Property tax for The Combined Court Building, Namakkal paid for the half yearly of 2018. Assessment no 051/01/1/18-19/0007213
  • Lift licence No: 10/11-12, Dated on 05.03.2012. Inspection Date 19.12.2017, Renewed on 05.03.2018,
  • The period of validity of the licence shall be from the period 05.03.2018 to the 04.03.2019.(inclusive)


  • Make of lift              : OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY (INDIA) LTD.,
  • Type of lift               : Passenger
  • Type of Control        : SFCC
  • Capacity                   : 10 persons  ( 680 kgs )


  • The inside campus is safe guarded by fire extinguisher equipments and it maintained and renewed properly.







       The Combined Court Buildings and Judicial Officers' Quarters at Tiruchengode was sanctioned as per G.O.Ms.No. 1132, Home (Courts-III) Department, dt.30.12.2009 and after the completion of the construction, the Combined Court Building and Judicial Officers' Quarters was inaugurated on 1.4.2012 and started to function w.e.f.2.4.2012 and the Combined Court Building comprises of the following courts:-


  1. Sub Court, Tiruchengode.

  2. Principal District Munsif Court, Tiruchengode.

  3. Additional District Munsif Court, Tiruchengode.

  4. Judicial Magistrate Court, Tiruchengode.

  5. Fast Track Court (Magisterial level), Tiruchengode.






       The Combined Court Building and Judicial Officers' Quarters at Rasipuram was sanctioned as per G.O.Ms.No.732, Home (Courts-III) Dept., dt.16.8.2010 and G.O.Ms.No.339, Home (Courts-III) Dept., dt.10.5.2012 and after completion of the construction, the same was inaugurated on 15. and the Combined Court Building started to function w.e.f.6.8.2012 and the same comprises of the following courts:-

  1. Sub Court, Rasipuram.
  2. District Munsif Court, Rasipuram.
  3. Judicial Magistrate Court, Rasipuram





  • LICENCE NO: 20/2018, DATED :10.04.2018
  • The licence is here by granted to THE COMBINED COURT BUILDING, RASIPURAM for the purpose and in respect of the building specified in the statement below and subject to the conditions and for the period mentioned the under :-
  • The period of validity of the licence shall be from the period 10.04.2018 to the 09.04.2021.(inclusive)






The District Munsif-cum-Judicial Magistrate Court, Paramathy is bifurcated as District Munsif Court, Paramathy and Judicial Magistrate Court, Paramathy. The Judicial Magistrate Court, Paramathy is functioning in the PWD building situated Near Sub Jail at Paramathy Town and the District Munsif Court, Paramathy is functioning w.e.f 10.09.2016 in a Private Building at Paramathy town. The Subordinate Court, Paramathy is constituted and functioning w.e.f 17.03.2018 in a Private Building at Paramathy town.