History of Theni District

Theni District History

Theni Revenue District has been formed after bifurcation from erstwhile Madurai District as per G.O.Ms.No.679 Revenue Department Dated: 25.07.96 Dr.K.Satyagopal I.A.S was the first collector for Theni District. And the Theni Judicial District has been formed as per G.O.Ms.No.34 Home (Courts.III) Department Dated 10.01.2006 and Inauguration of the Combined Court Buildings on 28.01.2006.Thiru.V. Ramamoorthy, B.Sc, B.L., was the first Principal District Judge for the Theni District.Theni district holds Nature's beauty with the Spicy Green Ornaments, Historical Temples and famous water falls. Theni District Warmly welcomes through out the year and feasting the eyes of its visitors.Vaigai dam, Sothuparai dam  and   Kumbakarai  falls  in   Periyakulam  Taluk, Suruli  falls   in Uthamapalayam  Taluk are  the main  places of   attraction  for  tourists.
Gowmariamman Temple at  Veerapandi  Village   (Theni Taluk)  and saneeswara  Bahavan  Temple at  Kuchanur  Village   (Uthamapalayam Taluk)  are important and   famous  Hindu  temples  of this area.  Kannagi temple which witnesses   a single day      festivity during Chitra Pournami day is in the interstate border.Theni district is in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu. This district is surrounded by the Western Ghats, with it green stretches of cultivated lands and tea gardens. Silk cotton, soft towels, coffee seeds, cardamom, mango, are the main produce of the district. Theni district is the main route for the tourist bound from Madurai to Kochi via Bodinayakanur and Munnar and Madurai to Thekkadi wildlife sanctuary.


List of Taluk in Theni District


1). Theni.

2). Periyakulam.

3). Aundipatti.

4). Bodinayakanur.

5). Uthamapalayam.

Geography  :



Theni District lies at the foot of Western Ghats and is situated between 9' 39' 00 and 10' 30' 00 North latitude and between 77' 00' 0 and 78' 30' 00 of East Longitude. It is bound on north by Dindigul District East by Madurai District, South by Virudhunagar District and West by Kerala State.

Theni District has been formed after bifurcation from erstwhile Madurai District as per G.O.Ms.No.679 Revenue Department Dated: 25.07.96. Consequent on the bifurcation, one new Revenue Division with headquarters at Uthamapalayam and two new Taluks at Theni and Bodinaickanur were also created with effect from 01.01.97. Dr.K.Satyagopal I.A.S was the first collector for Theni District.

Theni Town in the District Head Quarters known as the "Second Manchester of South India" which indicates the various cotton trade. The Theni Town is situated at 295' above the Sea level. Theni was upgraded as a Town Panchayat during the year 1940. It became a Grade III Municipality from 01.04.1964 and Grade II Municipality on 10-02-1970. Again it was upgraded as I Grade Municipality from 09-05-1983 onwards. It is mainly a commercial town. It is also known for its big weekly market on every Sunday.


Area (District) : 2889 sq. km.
Population      : 10,34,724 (2001 census)
Altitude           : 100 m above sea level

Climate           : Max 39.5 Degree - Minimum 25.8 Degree

Language       : Tamil, English



Taluk Office:
1 Theni Taluk - 230.22 Sq.M
2 Periyakulam Taluk- 390.30 Sq.M
3 Andipatti Taluk- 792.41 Sq.M
4 UthamapalayamTaluk- 1020.33 Sq.M
5 Bodinaickanur Taluk- 643.04 Sq.M


Agriculture, Industry and Trade play an important Role for its economic developmental activities. Principal crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, cotton, coconut, groundnut and various kinds of fruits and vegetables are being cultivated in this District.
Cotton Spinning Mills, Sugar Mills are the major industries in this District. In Andipatti Taluk Handloom weaving and power looms are also flourishing. In Uthamapalayam Taluk, "Highwavis Estate" plays an important role in the production of Tea.
Three Hydro Power Station Projects namely, Periyar, Surliar and Vaigai Micro Hydro Power Station generate Electricity in this District.


According to 2001 census the total population of Theni district is 1093950, comprising of 552986 males and 540964 females.The principal crops of Theni district are paddy, cholam, cumbu, redgram, greengram, blackgram, horsegram, turmeric, sugarcane, mango, bannana, tapiaco, groundnut and gingelly. Sericulture is another occupation of the people of the district.