About Udupi Court


The first Court to be set up by the British Raj in our District was in Barkur, near Brahmavar. It was then known as District Munsiffs Court. The District Munsiffs Court had jurisdiction over Udupi, Karkala and Kundapura. In the year 1898, the District Munsiffs Court was shifted to Udupi. Udupi was then a part of the undivided South Kanara District (Dakshina Kannada). The District of South Kanara, which was within the jurisdiction of Madras High Court, was included in the jurisdiction of the High Court of Mysore with effect from 01-11-1956 when the State Re-organization Act came into force. The District & Sessions Court of Udupi came into existence on 18-12-2001. The District Court of has the jurisdiction over three revenue Taluks of Udupi District i.e. Udupi, Kundapura and Karkala.

Udupi Taluk has Ten Courts viz.

1. Court of the Prl. District & Sessions Judge ,Udupi

2. Court of the Addl. District and Sessions Judge FTSC-I ,Udupi

3. Court of the Prl. Senior Civil Judge & CJM,Udupi

4. Court of the Addl. Senior Civil Judge & ACJM,Udupi

5. Court of the Addl. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi

6. Court of the Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi

7. Court of the Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi

8. Court of the II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi

9. Court of the III Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi

10. Court of the IV Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Udupi 

Kundapura Taluk has five Courts viz.

1. Court of the Addl. District & Sessions Judge Udupi(Sitting at Kundapura),Kundapura

2. Court of the Senior Civil Judge,Kundapura

3. Court of the Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC ,Kundapura

4. Court of the Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC ,Kundapura

5. Court of the II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC ,Kundapura

Karkala Taluk has four Courts viz.

1. Court of the Senior Civil Judge & ACJM ,Karkala

2. Court of the Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Karkala

3. Court of the Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Karkala

4. Court of the II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC,Karkala

Infrastructure Courts


Among 10 Courts 9 Courts  are housed in the 3 floored Courts Complex, which was inaugurated on 18-03-2006 and one Court housed in the 1floor of Old Court Building .The Courts Complex of Udupi is located in the heart of the Udupi City and is equipped with entire required infrastructure.


All the Courts of Kundapura are housed in a single 2floor building which was inaugurated on 11-04-1999. The Court building of Kundapura is located in the heart of the Kundapura Town.


All the Courts of Karkala are housed in a single building. This old building which was constructed during the British Rule, is now declared as a Heritage Structure.

About Udupi

Udupi District:

Prior to 25-08-1997 Udupi was a part of Dakshina Kannada District which is also known as Mangalore. The three northern Taluks of Dakshina Kannada District i.e. Udupi, Kundapura and Karkala were separated to form Udupi District. The administrative headquarters of Udupi District is Udupi town. Population as per Census 2001 was 1,112,243 of which 18.55% were urban. Udupi District is surrounded by Uttara Kannada District in north, Dakshina Kannada District in south, Shivamogga District borders on north east side and Chikamagalur District on east. Arabian Sea is on west of Udupi District. The primary language of this District is Tulu. Substantial numbers of people also speak Kannada and Konkani. Udupi and Dakshina Kannada Districts are known as “Tulu Nadu” since it constitute the Tulu-majority region. Inscriptions in the Tulu language are found in and around Barkur village, the ancient capital of Tulu Nadu. People belonging to all the religion i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jain are found in this District. Muslims mainly speak Beary language ( ¨Áåj ¨sÁµÉ), Christians (PÉÆAPÀtô) and others Tulu and Kannada.

Information about Population, Villages and Grama Panchayaths in UDUPI District


In Udupi Taluk - 5,62,966 In Kundapura Taluk - 3,98,841 In Karkala Taluk - 2,16,101


- 11,77,908


In Udupi Taluk - 115 In Kundapura Taluk - 101 In Karkala Taluk - 51


- 267


In Udupi Taluk - 61 In Kundapura Taluk - 56 In Karkala Taluk - 29


- 146

Famous Temples and places of visit in the Udupi District

Udupi Taluk

  1. Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi- a famous temple governed by “Astha Matas”

  2. Janardhana and Mahakali Temple, Ambalapady , Udupi.

  3. Pajaka Kshetra, Udupi.

  4. Malpe Beach.

  5. Kapu Beach.

  6. St. Marry’s Island.

  7. Western Ghats – Udupi Border.

  8. Boat House Bengre, Udupi.

  9. Manipal University- a world famous education institution.

  10. End Point Sunset – Manipal.

Kundapura Taluk

  1. Mookambika Temple, Kollur.

  2. Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, Hattiyangadi

  3. Vinayaka Temple, Anegudde.

  4. Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kamalashile.

  5. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary – Kollur.

  6. Kodachadri Hills – Kollur.

  7. Arasinagundi Falls – Kollur.

  8. Belkal Theertha Falls – Kollur.

  9. Trasi-Maravanthe Beach.

  10. Kodi Beach – Kundapura.

  11. Ottinene Beach – Byndoor.

  12. Babbu Kudru – Island, Kundapura.

  13. Karanth Smaraka Bhavan - Kota

Karkala Taluk

  1. Gommata Betta, Karkala.

  2. Chathurmukha Basadi, Karkala.

  3. Venkatramana Temple(Padutirupathi) – Karkala.

  4. Manastambha Hiriyangadi – Karkala.

  5. St. Lawrence Church - Attur.

  6. Koti Chennaya Theme Park – Karkala.

  7. Kudlu Theertha Falls – Hebri.

  8. White Water Rafting – Hebri.

  9. Arbi Falls – NITTE, Karkala.