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District Court Of India

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Contact Officials

Pr. District & Sessions Judge Ramban

9622008223(Cr. Clrk)
9906213567(MACT Clrk)
9596621544(Civil Clrk)

Presiding Officer FTC Ramban


90186 47304

(Criminal Clrk)

CJM Ramban

8803985572(Criminal Clrk)
9018263084(Civil Clrk)

Sub-Judge Batote

9906325937(Criminal Clrk)
6006234015(Civil Clrk)

ASMM Ramban

95964 07525

(Criminal Clrk)

Munsiff Ramban


(Criminal Clrk)

Munsiff Banihal

9796810786(Cr. Clrk)
6005158685(Civil Clrk)

Munsiff Ukhral

7006385750(Criminal Clrk)

Munsiff Gool

7051269537(Criminal Clrk)