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District & Session Court Jaisalmer
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District & Session Court Jaisalmer

Video Conferencing Links and e-Services

VC Link of All Courts for Virtual Hearing through Zoom Application              

District and Session Court, Jaisalmer CJM Court, Jaisalmer POCSO Court, Jaisalmer  ADJ  Court  Pokran
SCST Court Jaisalmer JM Court, Jaisalmer ADJ Court, Jaisalmer ACJM Court Pokran
Family Court Jaisalmer AJM Court, Jaisalmer JJB Jaisalmer Gram Nyayalya Sankra









Zoom Application VC Link and User Guide  

Rajasthan High Court Video Conferencing Rules 2020:-  Click Here

Court point VC Coordninator Details for all Courts:-  Click Here

Laptop/Desktop User Manual:- Click Here

Mobile User Mannual:-  Click Here


eCourts - e-Filing for District Courts

e-Filing User Manual:- Click here

Guidelines for E-filing in District Courts:-  Click here

e-Services Help Videos:- Click here

Click here for e-filing Portal :- Click here

eCourts Digital Payment – ePay

User Manual for Advocates/Litigants(Court Fees):- Click here

User Manual for Advocates/Litigants (eFine):- Click here

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