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TENDER NOTIFICATION - Tenders are called for supply of two Nos.45 CPM Photo Copiers - Regarding, Dated 03-12-2019

PERMANENT ADVANCE – Request to furnish the average monthly contingent expenditure for the preceding 3 years from the sanctioned permanent advance to Vizianagaram Unit – Information Called for – Regarding, Dated 16-11-2019.

JUDGMENT- Judgment in .Civii Revision Nos.258 and 260 of 2OI7 of High Court of Madhya Pradesh and judgment in Criminal Revision No.97 of 2018 of High Court of Chattisgarh, Bilaspur – Regarding, Dated 02-11-2019.

BUDGET 2019-2020- Allotment of Budget by the Hon’ble High Court to Vizianagaram District Unit – Distribution of budget among the Courts in Vizianagaram Unit – Orders – Issued – Regarding, Dated 16-10-2019.

BUDGET 2019-2020-Allotment of Budget by the Hon'ble High Court to II Additional District Court, Parvathipuram-Orders-Issued-Regarding, Dated 16-10-2019.

BUDGET 2019-2020-Allotment of Budget by Hon'ble High Court to Special Judicial Magistrate of I Class(Excise) Court, Vizianagaram-Orders-Issued-Regarding, Dated 16-10-2019.

BUDGET 2019-2020-Allotment of Budget by the Hon'ble High Court to Vizianagaram Unit-Distribution of budget among the II Class Courts, Vizianagaram-Orders-Issued-Regarding, Dated 16-10-2019.

WORKSHOP-III-Declarations and Injunctions-Material

PUBLIC SERVICES – The Andhra Pradesh Judicial Ministerial and Subordinate Service Rules, 2019 – Notification – Orders – Issued, Dated 30-08-2019.

BUDGET - Classification of Accounts - Standardization of Objects Heads - Revised Object Heads - Adopation in the State Government Accounts - Orders - Issued - Regarding, Dated 14-08-2019.

FUNDS-2019-20-Major Head - 2014-Admn. of Justice" Statement of requirements-Called for - Regarding, Dated 07-08-2019.


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