District Courts, East Garo Hills District
District Courts, East Garo Hills District
District Courts, East Garo Hills District
District and Sessions Judge, Williamnagar

The Williamnagar Bar Association

In the Meeting held on 2/9/2013 at the Advocates’ Chamber of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office East Garo Hills District, Williamnagar a resolution was adopted by the practicing Advocates whereby the “Williamnagar Bar Association” was formed. The Association consists of a President, a vice-President, a Secretary, a Joint-Secretary, a Treasurer and Executive Members. There are about ten (10) members and three (3) non members. The Williamnagar Bar Association has maintained its spirit upto now. The source of income of the Bar Association is collection from its members @ Rs 1,500/- as enrolment fees and monthly fees of Rs 200/- as continuing fees for membership. The Bar Association has its Chamber within the building of the Office of the District & Sessions Judge, East Garo Hills District, Williamnagar. There is a separate chambers for the office of the Public Prosecutor in the said building. The Williamnagar Bar Association comprises of young lawyers who have passed out from various Law Colleges/Universities of India and who have now joined this profession to enable speedy judicial work and to render justice to the citizens of the East Garo Hills District.

1. Shri. Challang Artius Ch. Marak (President), 

Williamnagar Bar Association.

Phone No. - 8794899147

Email ID - Challangmara@gmail.com


2. Shri. Pinderson N. Sangma (Secretary), 

Williamnagar Bar Association.

Phone No. - 986236189

Email ID - pindersonsangma8@gmail.com


3. Smti. Sabina D. Sangma (Treasurer)

Williamnagar Bar Association.

Phone No. : 8731858382

Email ID : sabinasangma2016@gmail.com


4. Shri. Joseph S. Sangma

Phone No. : 9615971563


5.Shri. Pristlington R. Marak,

Phone No. : 9436313618

Email ID : Plr_marak@yahoo.com


6.Shri. Jan N. Arengh,

Phone No. 9436330704

Email ID : j2014@gmail.com


7. Shri. Chicko D. Sangma,

Phone No. 9436390984

Email ID : chickosangma@gmail.com


8. Miss Tengsime D. Sangma,

Phone No. 8575171822


9. Mr. Sengberth Silchi M. Sangma

Phone 9089383752

Email ID : sengberth@gmail.com


10. Shri. Pinpin A Sangma,

Phone No. 7005223970

Email ID : pinpinsangma@gmail.com


11. Shri. Jullius R. Marak,

Phone No. 9402139254

Email ID : julonmarak@gmail.com


12. Smti. Grikchi Momin,

Phone No. 8787585553


13. Smti. Eudia M. Sangma,

Phone No. 8414932622

Email ID : eudiasangma@gmail.com


14. Miss Pinky G. Momin,

Phone No. 9863395143

Email ID : pinkygabil@gmail.com


15. John Javier D. Sangma,

Phone No. 9089459209