The Court building is situated in a very ancient white monument building of French architect called “Court House” at Thiagaraja Street, Yanam to the next of Municipality building.  The building consists of two floors.  The ground floor is the court and the first floor is the residential quarters of the Judge.  The building was renovated in the year of 1967 and inaugurated by Thiru S.L. Silam, the then Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Puducherry.  Office phone no. is  2321293.






               Yanam Judicial Magistrate Court is a very ancient court formed prior to the French domain i.e. before 1725 while Yanam was as a Dutch Colony.  The Judicial Magistrate Court was existing then. Subsequently while this area came under the French on the reorganization of French domain in the year 1725 the same court has been converted as French Court under French Law as a Judicial Court. Both civil and criminal cases tried here.  After Independence, this court was converted as an Indian Court as a Judicial Magistrate Court, Yanam in the year 1956, whereas, the Regional Administrative Officer of Yanam was the Judge of the court having both executive and judicial powers on civil and criminal cases.

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